Lexus have officially revealed images and some details of the RC F, ahead of the 2014 Detroit Auto Show about the second week of January.

Its information on looking aggressive and Lexus went ahead and made their trademark spindle grille of the RC F in the front massive, with huge air intakes in the bumper. The automobile also turns into a bulging hood, side skirts and a choice of three designs for the 19-inch alloy wheels.

For the interior, it is same like the standard model in addition to the new instrument cluster, leather-wrapped sports alloy and seats pedals. Also the steering wheel is a different design and gets paddle shifters.

Within the hood, the Lexus RC F will receive a 5.0L V8 engine. It would produce around 460 bhp, which should be good enough to propel the car from -60 mph in 4.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 186 mph… That is rumour.

Although on the face of it the globe is becoming increasingly high tech with even the older generation and baby boomers extremely computer savvy, their lives filled with modern technology like iPods and DVD’s. Lying just below the surface however, is a constant yearn for nostalgia. Many people yearn to the entertainment venues they had enjoyed in their youth – drive in movie theaters.


Some people may insist which they never way but anyhow – they’re making a comeback with vengeance.

Drive in Movie Theaters date entirely back to 1933 when a dude named Richard M Hollingshead had the inspirational idea to nail a white sheet between the trees of his garden (the screen) and mount a Kodak projector on the hood of his motor with a radio hidden behind the screen for the sound.

He then lined the cars up along his ample driveway placing blocks beneath the front wheels of the vehicles at the back to ensure everybody enjoyed a clear view of the screen. He had the foresight to patent this invention and the rest – as the saying goes – is history. It was the birth of the Drive In Cinema.


The popularity quickly spread with drive in movie theaters springing up in additional than 27 states from the 1940’s – the entertainment venue peaked in the 1950’s / 1960’s. Popular with the teenagers for obvious reasons, some people also remember being bundled approximately watch the drive in movies using their parents while wearing their pajamas – desperately continuing to keep their little eyes open during the double features before inevitably sleeping on the back seat covered with a snuggly blanket.

It’s this comfortable, familiar nostalgia for the Drive in Movie Theater which was instrumental inside their return. There are actually only around a tenth of them still open today compared to greater than 4,000 which dotted the landscape in the late 1950’s but all that is evolving.

Thousands of Drive in Movie Theaters went out of business in the 1980’s and 1970’s as people turned to the new entertainment systems like television as well as the multiplex theater. The value of the lands increased where the theaters were held and aging owners cashed in selling to developers.

Somewhere in the 1990’s things begun to change. New drive in theaters were being built and audience numbers began to increase – some of the older closed theaters began to re-open and business was definitely on the up.


This upswing running a business is continuing to this day. The nostalgia of the drive in movie is too much to resist for Baby Boomers and viewers of all ages – some recall the experience using their others and youth wish to experience what they’ve noticed in the movies from the era.

Although predominantly a summer entertainment venue the recognition of the drive in movie theater has seen real growth over the past number of years, and long may it continue.

There’s something about driving approximately the movies, placed in the comfort of your own car and sitting to enjoy one of several latest movies . . . or even something from the bygone era to truly get you within the mood.

At they’re thrilled that this drive in movie theater is making a comeback. Not mainly because it means that they’ll sell more cars – it ain’t going to make that much of a difference but just because it’s one more thing which cars were manufactured for. We all spend too much time driving from A to B as quickly as possible and don’t take the time to really sit back and relish the comfort of our vehicles.

Have a look at some of the best models at

The boxy crossover vehicle will hit the Kia dealerships throughout the USA from the second one half of 2013. It can offer a choice of two highly-advanced GDI four-cylinder engines and a plethora of state-of-the-art safety features. Kia will also provide the new Soul with some new exterior colors, including the Sollar Yellow and Inferno red. The new model will be available in three trim levels: Base (entry level), Plus, Exclaim (the top of range). 2014 Soul Engine Specifications Engine: 1.6L I-4 DOHC gasoline direct injection (GDI) Horsepower & Torque: 130hp @ 6,300 rpm, 118 lb.-ft. @ 4,850 rpm Gearbox: 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual Layout/drive: front wheel drive Chasis / Suspension Specs Front: strut type, coil spring Rear: torsion beam, coil spring Construction: unibody Brakes Type front / rear: vented disc / solid disc Size (in) front / rear: 11. / 10.3


Powerflex launched its new website New to the site are installation instructions, downloadable product diagrams, and product images. Visitors will find the website as a more user-friendly experience. Customers will gain access to detailed product information and also have the option to share it on social networks.

Combined with the new website, Powerflex is also proud to announce the discharge of the Powerflex Black Series. The Black Series bushings are specifically tailored to race and track customers, for extreme chassis performance. The Black Series line uses 95A compound that is 80% more resistant than OEM rubber, and 25% stiffer than street Powerflex purple material. The compound provides maximum control of chassis geometry.

You may want to move out of the city for a number of reasons, from developing a growing family to wanting more space. Whatever your reasons are, there are some adaptations you will have to make to the lifestyle that you could not have considered when you made your decision to move out of the city. Here are some things to keep in mind if you move to the suburbs.


In many large cities, you can either get away with either lacking a car at all, or only having a really small one. It always doesn’t make much sense to have a car when you live right in a town since you need to pay for parking and as it is easier to get everywhere without one. When you move to the suburbs, you will likely need to have an automobile for everything from commuting to obtaining to the store. What kind of car depends on your expections, but you should check out to see a full line of cars that could be the thing you need. Whether you would like fuel economy or something that might be good in bad weather,, will have what you need.

You also need to do not forget that meeting up with your friends that are still residing in the city may be difficult once you move. Planning to meet up for dinner might end up meaning a long drive, paying for parking and having a designated driver, things that may not have been necessary before.


You may have to up the amount of exercise you are getting. That may be one other thing to take into account. When you live in an urban area, then chances are you are walking a lot, an issue that does not happen as often when you find yourself in a place where you drive everywhere. Keep that in mind and keep the fitness level, either through a home gym or joining a gym in your town or near work.

For years D2 Racing has specialized in high performance suspension and brake components for street and off-road use. Their lineup of parts ranges from big brake kits, lowering springs, air suspensions, suspension components and accessories. D2 Racing merchandise is built in house using state-of-the-art technology that fits the highest quality control standards.

Unfamiliar with their coilover systems may be the SL Series short for super low. These are the first coilovers from D2 that are specifically designed to present the lowest possible ride height while retaining the benefits of a whole coilover system. The new coilovers features specially designed mounts, shorter stroke 36-way adjustable dampers, and custom spring rates. Be sure to take a look at D2 Racing’s website to find out more at D2 Racing.


Way before they became cornerstones of automotive publishing and aftermarket parts, the guys who created our world were just a lot of racers, happy for any chance to get on track. Racing was cheaper then than it is now, but it was still a monetary commitment, which led to many young men hooking up with a friend or two to pool campaign and resources a car. That’s what actually transpired in 1970, when HOT ROD editor John Dianna asked his neighbor, racer and transmission guru Marv Ripes if he’d want to partner high on a race car.

“Johnny called me up and said he’d found a Corvette with a blown-up motor,” Marv recalls, “He was doing a paint job story for the magazine. Joe Andersen did it I believe. In Gardena. (Look up HRM Oct ’69 to see the storyline) Anyway, he asked me should i wanted to put one of my engines and trans within it and go racing. I’d been doing pretty well with John Barkley’s old car-that’s the one I believed out the 8-inch converter on, and I’d won the Spring Nationals with that, however I sold it, and so i was pleased to put the spare engine in the ‘Vette.”


Woh, hold on now, that’s a lot of good things in one place. Let’s back up a bit. Marv is retired now, but he still consults for the company he were only available in 1959, A-1 Performance. In the late ’60s, A-1 was slightly place in the San Fernando Valley, but Marv used his racing experience to create lots of winning changes to stock transmissions. So, what’s the story about the 8-inch converter?

“When you’re launching a race car, you want to enter into the powerband as quickly as possible” Marv says, “Stock converters are heavy, so I was always trying to find a way to increase the stall speed, get a faster RPM flash. Another neighbor of mine-we all lived inside the Valley back then, my friend Bob Lambeck, he worked at a Buick dealer, and in ’68, they started bringing these little German Opels in, and selling them as Buicks. Bob was unpacking parts and there was this little torque converter for that Opel, so he calls me, and I said ‘Bring it home, I’ll look into it.’ We had to modify it of course, but we got that to operate and with that in the car, whenever you jumped on the throttle it went straight into the powerband, though nearly all of those were sticks. Got me half a second.”

Okay, so quick-revving small block V8, doctored-up transmission, and a fresh paint job. What did Marv think about that pearl peach fade?

“It wasn’t a paint job for men! But it was free. It had been the ’70s. It was all like that. Psychedelic pot-smoking hippie stuff.”

That didn’t stop him from getting to work on it, even though ‘Vette might have been a little flashy for Marv’s tastes. “We were racing in Stock in the past. Now they call it Jr Stock, I don’t know when that started, back then it was just Stock. They were pretty strict on the rules, you could modify the cam, couple of other mods, but mostly it would have to be pretty factory. Basically, you could blueprint the motor. I put fuel injection on a 283 that was .60 over. I finished the car on a Friday night, made a couple of test passes on the side street near the Van Nuys airport, drove it up to Bakersfield and won the race that weekend.”

After that promising Marv, the, start and John HOT ROD ‘Vette went on to win the Ontario Super Nationals and runner up in several other high profile races. “It ran a best E.T. of 12.40 at around 108mph,” Marv says. Nothing lasts forever, even though he enjoyed the racing. “Eventually, Johnny wanted out, so I bought the automobile from him, and raced a little more on the East Coast, but the fuel injection didn’t work real well from the humidity, and my converter business was taking off, so I sold the vehicle and concentrated on work and starting a family. The guys that bought it, they did ok, a number of kids, they raced it for a few years, and after that sold it to a restoration shop, and that i kinda lost track of it after that.”

Here’s in which the story has a small world turn. A really young Jeff Smith (Car Craft and HOT ROD editor) caught wind in the car while visiting Lingenfelter-this became around 1985. Jeff tried to convince John Dianna to get the car back, but nothing came of it, and it fell off the magazine radar again until earlier this year whenever it resurfaced, fully restored at the 2014 Detroit Autorama.

We spoke to the owner Craig Wood, who told us that he’d owned the car for almost 30 years before tackling its revival. I found out it wasn’t quite the things i thought it was, though “Originally, I was going to restore it to factory stock. I’d been told when I bought it which it was an injected small block car, which it was…as raced, but not from the factory! I decided to restore it the way Marv and Johnny built it.?, as I learned more about the automobile?

Craig did all the work himself, from rebuilding the small block to spraying the six different layers of pearl paint, making color matches from the only remaining painted piece, the fuel door. “I got a bit cross-eyed with all that taping,” he says of recreating the complex panel patterns. When he began the project, Craig spoke to Marv, whom he says was doubtful in the beginning that the car was his old race machine. It isn’t really, or rear bumpers that are awfully heavy-he’d filled these with lead, though “I had him tell me some of the modifications he had made while racing it,” says Craig, “Things like a swaybar that looks like it’s connected! Every time I’d find something like that I’d call him up and say ‘I found a few of your stock work.’” Marv’s answer? “It isn’t cheating if you don’t get caught.”

Craig took several liberties with the restoration. “They were developing a race car, so something like fuel line routing may be real casual. I cleaned it up a bit. Marv had bare metal in the interior, I put down carpet. I just couldn’t do all this work and then leave the floor unfinished! ”

The Detroit Autorama debut was only the start of the ROD Corvette’s comeback tour. “I had so many people let me know they remembered the car,” Craig says. “George Poteet came over and informed me I did a very good thing to save it. Now I would like to get it back on a dragstrip, maybe with Marv behind the wheel. If he felt like he could see well enough to operate the dragstrip and he said ‘What, i asked him? Have they put turns inside it? ’ We’re hoping to meet up at the Jr Stock Revival at the York Reunion.

I’ll never forget that Thursday afternoon six or seven in the past when I rushed onto the 405 in tries to get home for something that seemed important back then. As soon as I got on the 405, something happened up ahead. To this day, I don’t know what it is, but I do know that I spent six hours going two miles. I learned a truly valuable lesson, though needless to say, I missed whatever it was I was rushing to do. I found out that when viewed through the right lens, traffic can be an escape that no person can blame you for. After about one hour of maaaaybe cursing, I succumbed on the inescapable truth that I was powerless, and that’s when I blasted the radio and drummed around the steering wheel. Inside the right car or truck, traffic can be your place of meditative bliss.


For my money, the right car is the brand new, freshly designed Nissan Altima with optional hybrid technology. It’s important to know that you can purchase your Altima as a hybrid because in the present climate, it’s important for you, your pocketbook, and the environment to do you better to minimize your greenhouse emissions and do your part to remain global warming. You can rest easy because of its tremendous safety features, whatever version of the splendid Altima you choose.

It is actually safe as a result of dizzying quantity of inspired features designed to keep your and you passengers safe. It is comfortable and chalk filled with conveniences too, and that’s what will create your car a yoga studio in the middle of a sea of chaos. Stuck in traffic it is possible to listen to your preferred music, study from educational podcasts, or “read” a book on tape! My mother is considered the most well-read person in America as a consequence of how much time she spends in the car. I’m trying to catch up.


They are equipped with blu-tooth technology which allows you to manage anything on your phone hands free,. That’s the good thing regarding the Altima, and all of those other latest fleet of stunning and diverse Nissan cars and trucks. You can text and talk, all without taking your vision off the road. Imagine, it is possible to turn traffic into the backdrop of a classroom in which you can learn any subject. I’ve recently began to use targeted traffic to start learning Spanish. I figure that as a Southern Californian, learning it can just be an advantage. When you are in the market for a fresh car, and you know that traffic is a regular part of your daily routine, you should do yourself a favor and look into getting something that will augment all of your life, not only your commute. There is not a better vehicle out there in comparison to the Altima. Go online and see for yourself at either or and get ready to enrich your daily life!


“This is really an amazing car show,” said our friend Becki, gesturing with the impressive variety of Mopar muscle spread out across Van Nuys’ Woodley Park. The “Spring Fling” is undoubtedly an annual car and swap cruise put on by one of Southern California’s largest Mopar car clubs, Chrysler Performance West (CPW). In addition to the static car show and swap, CPW also arranges track days and canyon cruises for avid Pentastar fans, but Spring Fling is its main event. The weather conditions was perfect, the park was lovely and the swap meet was jumping (we bought some rear gears…and we actually needed them. Swap meet win! )


From the show car field, we appreciated the glory of vans, long ram intakes, and an apparent rising rise in popularity of GTXs. Does anyone else remember when Road Runners were way more commonly restored? Clearly the heavily-optioned GTX is on its way into its very own. We saw tons of ‘em! We saw some modified cars too, although mopar shows tend to be heavily weighted for the restoration crowd. Some with better modifications than others.

Granted, it’s a good way to have the magazine, but it’s a poor look.

There were some terrific original cars in attendance. We spoke with the original owner of any ’68 Charger. As he went through the dealership to check on it, the salesman had absconded with the money rather than put in the order, even though he told us that he’d put and ordered a payment in advance on a ’67! Luckily, our Charger fan had a receipt, and the owner of the dealership offered him the new ’68 at the same price. Another car that caught our eye was Ted Moser’s 426 Wedge Dodge. It looked sweet behind the tow wagon.

The wagon carries a Hang 10 Dart stripe, although it’s hard to see in the photo. Cowabunga.

Inside the parts section we coveted intakes for engines we don’t own, and gasped at the prices for project cars. It seems that pretty much everything, even later ’70s A bodies (traditionally the most affordable Mopar) started at six grand. Is that the same where you are? Let us know what Mopar projects appear to be selling for in your area.


Make sure you have all the information that will be required for the internet registration form, but before you hit the refresh button a hundred times trying to get among the 260 available entries. Here’s what you’ll need to have at hand. Scroll down for some tips to help make your registration quicker.

– Surname, First Name, Middle Initial

– Street Address, City and State Postal Code (ZIP), Country

– E-mail address

– Cellular phone number

– Date of Birth (Month/Date/Year)

– Have you been the vehicle owner? (Yes or No)

– If no, what is the owner’s name?

– Who will be racing (driving) the vehicle?

– Racer’s Birth date? (Month/Date/Year)

– Vehicle Model, Make and Year Color

– Vehicle License Plate State & Number

– Insurance Company Name (not the agent, the company)

– Insurance Plan Number

– 2014 Hot Rod Drag Week Class you anticipate racing in (note that this could be changed on race day)

– Anticipated e.t.

– Have you ever read the 2014 Rules Document?

– Bank Cardtype and number, expiration date, and security code

Pre-registration is $280.00 including a $10 processing fee.

NOW, Some Pointers!

– Registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable! You can’t register then and from now on hope to sell or give your admission to anyone else later. This is important. They will Struggle to enter on-site if you give or sell your registration to someone.

– You can have a friend register for you AS LONG AS YOU ARE LISTED As Being The DRIVER

– The name and address fields must match the billing address of your credit card you employ.

– Every field from the online form must be filled out or it would bounce back and ask you to fill them all.

– If your car is not yet insured, that’s OK. Just fill out something in the insurance fields therefore it doesn’t recover. HOWEVER, you will certainly be required to present proof of real, current insurance on the race vehicle whenever you show up on site at Drag Week.

– Racers outside the U.S. can’t use the online registration process, and must send an email to on or after 9: 00 am Pacific Time on Saturday, April 26, 2014. If you get in, the non-Usa emails is going to be placed in the queue within the order these are received and we will contact you.

A parent or legal guardian must register and should use their credit card for your transaction, though – Kids 16 or 17 with a valid license can race at Drag Week. They must list their child’s name as the racer and must range from the child’s birth date. At the event, a parent or guardian must be in attendance with them during registration and for the duration of Drag Week competition.

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